Spading machine is a mounted agricultural machine designed for loosening and breaking up the soil. Spading is done for preparing of the soil prior to successive work and preparation of Seed bed. The spading machine is used as a tractor accessory attachment in the field. The principle is the same as that of spading by hand with a spade: blades are driven alternately into the soil, clods are lifted and thrown backwards, and the surface is levelled off by the action of a bar or rake. The digging action of the spading machine produces a similar effect to hand spading. The spading machine detaches rather than slicing, leaving a porous, permeable bed that allows the soil to breathe and absorb water

Spading machines are hitched to a tractor using the standard three point linkage and power take off driven. There is no draft force involved as in conventional soil engaging implements. Due to the unique motion of the spades, any hard pan is avoided, improving drainage

The post hole digger is one of the equipments that have to be found in each agricultural establishment and farm. It is connected to the tractor easily by three point hitch system.

You can drill holes with 800-1800 mm depth and 20,30,45,60,80 cm diameters quickly and economically. Post Hole digger is used in three planting, wire fencing, etc. In suitable landscapes you can dig 40 holes with 300 mm diameter in one hour, 30 holes with 450 mm diameter and 15 holes with 600 mm diameter in one hour.


  • The soil is "worked" rather than simply turned over; this means that the root system of crops can still access the most fertile, surface layer
  • The spading machine can operate even in wet soil
  • It mixes manure and other items uniformly
  • The clods lifted are an ideal size
  • The soil is left perfectly levelled
  • Typical horsepower requirements are modest
  • Fuel consumption is significantly reduced

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